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Herbalife Nutrition

Why Choose Herbalife Products?

Finding products that not only work for you, but are also good for you, is unfortunately not as easy as it sounds. There are many products on the market that have hidden sugars, additives, and preservatives that market themselves as a healthy choice. These deceptive products hinder our journey to health and wellness, and end up costing us a lot more in the long run. We’ve seen these products before – and we want to help you make healthy changes that promote health and wellness in your life. Whatever your goals may be, and whatever product you’re looking for, Steadfast Nutrition is proud to serve as your partner in health. We provide customized drinks that replace mass-marketed sugary drinks, and give you clean energy. We are a Herbalife nutrition club located in Hampstead, North Carolina that not only serves nutritious products – we also build a community that encourages healthy habits and an overall sense of well-being.

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Unfamiliar with Herbalife Nutrition? Herbalife is a global manufacturer of nutritional products such as teas, shakes, supplements, aloe, and specialty beverages. Herbalife creates science-driven products designed for optimum nutrition and energy, in a wide variety of flavors. Across the globe, there are millions of Herbalife customers who incorporate Herbalife products into their everyday life – whether that’s through a high-protein coffee, meal replacing shake, or high-energy tea


So, what exactly are Herbalife nutrition clubs? As stated by Herbalife, “nutrition clubs are social gatherings offering a support community for Herbalife distributors and their customers to focus on good nutrition, activities such as regular exercise and other health and fitness goals in order to achieve their optimum health.” In the United States alone, there are more than 5,900 Herbalife nutrition clubs, and worldwide, there are more than 90,000! There’s a reason Herbalife nutrition clubs are picking up momentum on a global scale – they allow individuals to seek healthy habits in a supportive group, while learning more about nutritious products that help individuals achieve their goals. Research shows that establishing a new healthy routine is most successful in supportive communities, which is what we strive to create at Steadfast Nutrition.


Interested in visiting us? Steadfast Nutrition serves Herbalife energy tea, shakes, high protein coffee, and specialty drinks. View our menu! 

Herbalife was founded
million canisters of protein shakes sold worldwide in 2018
million protein shakes consumed every day

They Say

My favorite place to go!!! the BEST shakes and teas!! the owner is so friendly and helpful. i love coming here everyday!!

Savannah Chambers

They Say

If I could give infinite stars I would! Alyssa is so friendly and helpful! I have absolutely loved everything she’s made for me. Customer service is excellent and the shakes and teas are the best! I’ll continue to come here 🙂 oh, and I can’t forget spokesbaby (alyssa’s sweet baby), she makes my day every time I come in and see her there.

Hayley Grizzle

They Say

Delicious shakes, Amazing ENERGY teas, and excellent customer service!! Alyssa really creates a fun and welcoming environment for everyone ❤️

Heather Lane